Office Hours
8:00A - 3:30P
8:00A - 4:30P
8:00A - 4:30P
8:00A - 4:30P
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Office EnvironmentOffice Environment

Office Environment

Our office is clean, healthy, professional, and comfortable! We maintain the highest of standards in office etiquette and cleanliness while keeping you relaxed and your visit enjoyable.

Excellent TrainingExcellent Training

Excellent Training

Garfield Dental Group’s staff is trained to the latest standards and certifications. You can rest assured that you are provided with high quality care!

Your HealthYour Health

Your Health

We are charged with examining and advising you on the choices that improve your health and well being, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Emergency Tooth RepairEmergency Tooth Repair

Emergency Tooth Repair

Have an emergency? No problem! We're to the rescue! Give us a call and we will work to get you into the office the same day you call to improve your dental health.

Garfield Dental Group is a family-oriented dental practice

Welcoming all new and emergency patients from Traverse City and the surrounding Northern Michigan area. All of our staff and doctor work vigorously to provide customized dental treatment in a genuinely respectful and caring environment. We will always give you our professional opinions on all your dental decisions, but at the same time your personal goals and desires will always be part of the process.

Come and visit our office, take a tour of our facility, meet our staff and talk to our doctor to get a good feel for office before ever making an appointment.

Our office has the ability to immediately see you the day you call us for unexpected emergency situations and can also provide long term preventative care in more complicated involved procedures such as implant teeth, TMJ disorders, crowns and root canals. This is all done in a clean, modern facility with up to date equipment and magnifying TV cameras that can show you the actual problems in your mouth. There are earphones with IPODs for music, movies for long procedures, nitrous gas and warm blankets for patient comfort.

Best of all, our patients tell us every day that dentistry in our office is virtually pain free and that we give the most pain free injection they’ve ever experienced. Many of our patients who had dental phobias or past bad dental experiences no longer live in fear of going to the dentist and that reputation and achievement is what we are most proud of.

Customer Service Commitment: We are confident you will like Garfield Dental Group.